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Bob Evans Car Boot Sale Album Art

The Weekend Australian25/06/2016

**** The Weekend Australian “Car Boot Sale plays to Evans’s strengths of combining Beatle-esque melodies (Race to the Bottom, Ron Sexsmith, Matterfact) with elements of folk and country music.” Read the review here.

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Hey friends. In a crossover of Marvel comic proportions, I put in a guest appearance over at Poncho Podcast. Listen to it here XXXBOBXXX

Bob Evans Car Boot Sale Album Art

Wild n Free Interview22/06/2016

“It’s not a very masculine man cave. It’s only got lots of musical instruments and all the books we own. It’s more like a ‘Thinking Man’s Man Cave,’ it’s very female friendly! No tools!” Read the interview here.

Podcast Episode 3 – Lindsay McDougall21/06/2016

Episode 3 of “Good Evans, it’s a Bobcast!”, is now live and free to download from iTunes!
My guest for episode 3 is Lindsay McDougall. Here’s a photo of us from 2010. We are both 6 years older now.