Bob Blog 03/05/2012

Friends, distinguished guests and members of the jury,

As I write this short correspondence I am literally shaking in my galoshes in my garage studio on a freezing Melbourne afternoon listening to the rain lashing against the roller door.  This is the kind of grim weather that makes me wary of Melbourne, like a wonderful lover that every now and then gets really drunk at a party and turns in to a complete knob.  I love this city but weather like this makes me dream wistfully of balmy Perth evenings, sailing down the mighty Swan in my submarine.

Anyway, enough with the weather reporting!  No one cares!  I am continuing to amass songs for my new album which if all goes to plan will mean getting in to a studio here in the South pole….I mean Melbourne in the next couple of months.  Yes, I have been banging on about starting this record since the beginning of the year and we are almost half way through already and it seems I am still banging on about it but some things take time, especially when you are thinking big like I am.  Why, just a moment ago I got off the phone to his holiness Tenzing Rampa from The Tibetan Childrens Highland Choir who I have booked to sing backing vocals on the outro of the final song.  It’s fifty three and a half minutes of soulful dream pop that will change your life!  Anyway, these kind of logistical concerns can be a real nightmare.

In the mean time I have been busy learning a number of Dylan classics in readiness for the Bob Dylan tribute extravaganza happening in July, (East coast only I’m afraid).  Very excited to hear that after the theatre shows we will also play a condensed set at Splendour In The Grass!  I shall be sharing the stage with my good friends Kav and Josh from Basement Birds and Patience from The Grates and Holly Throsby and we will be backed by an all star band led by Ash Naylor!  Cripes, it’s gonna be bigger than Elvis in Vegas!  Go here to find out all the details and here for tickets!  Quick, go now!  Don’t even worry about finishing this blog, it will be here and you can come back to it!  Come on, what are you waiting for?

You’re still reading this aren’t you?  Yes, I thought so…….hmmmmm……….very well, I suppose there’s nothing I can do about it…..

If you live in Sydney and are around on Thursday June 21st I will be taking part in the massive Select Music 7th Birthday Bash.  Hundreds of bands playing in thousands of venues with proceeds going to beyond blue and tickets costing a crazy 20 bucks!  Have they gone mad?  I hope not, they’re my booking agent now.  Anyway, this is pretty much the only thing resembling a real Bob Evans gig that I have planned this year or at least until after I’ve made a new album.  So go buy a ticket here and then trundle over here and tell me what songs you want me to play cos I’m feeling all requesty, which is unusual for me. I need prior warning though so I can practice the ancient songs that will inevitably be asked for.

If you’re in Melbourne I’ll be taking part in a little Sunday Sesh at the Bella Union on July 22nd.  The show is called “The Story So Far” and involves conversation as well as song playing. Lisa Miller will also be taking part.

Okay that’s enough from me.  This weekend I’m heading to Sydney for the APRA awards with my “other” band.  It should be fun. I’m expecting the usual drill. Get dressed up, drink too much before dinner has started, become increasingly loud and obnoxious after every award we are nominated for is won by someone else and then go to the after party and hang with Short Stack. Yeah sure, it’s a familiar tune but it just feels right.

With love