Hey folks,
I am excited to let you know about a new non-for-profit, community building program I am co-founding called Music with Mates.
Our idea is to create opportunities for new, young migrants in Melbourne to experience our vibrant live music culture by inviting them to attend free gigs! Already so many of my friends in the music industry have pledged their support for this idea and we have already lined up a pretty amazing first run of shows.
We have set up a fund raising page here
which will go towards paying for the website domain and other admin costs. All tickets to shows are being donated by artists/managers/agents/promoters so we’re hoping that our running costs will be minimal. Still, any help you may be able to offer would be massively appreciated!
The music industry that I have known for the last twenty years is not only tolerant but openly celebrates diversity of all kinds. I believe that artists and gig go-ers alike can play an important role in creating cohesive communities and by doing so fight back against those who promote division, suspicion and fear.
If you agree, please share and support!
For more info here’s our website