Into The Night tour heading to WA this weekend!

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Hey folks,

Massive thank you to everyone out there who braved the snow and wind and rain to come and see me play in Canberra and Sydney over the weekend! Both shows were a stack of fun, I hope you all enjoyed them. I would also like to thank Virgin for sending my pedal case back to Canberra after landing in Sydney, rendering me without a tuner, leads and harmonicas! Fortunately a mad dash to Josh Pyke’s house saved the day and I was able to cobble together what I needed to be able to play the show the way I intended it to be performed! Sydney was however the first time I have used my mobile phone tuner app on stage.

This weekend I’m heading over to old home state Western Australia with shows on Friday night at the Indian Ocean Hotel in Scarborough and Saturday night at The Aardvark, (which is the basement of the Norfolk Hotel) in Fremantle. Ruby Gill will be accompanying me on both shows plus there will also be two opening acts, Josiah Bloor in Scarborough and Timothy Nelson in Freo. Tickets to both shows are available here.

See you there!



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