Hey folks!

Episode 34 of the Bobcast sees me chatting with journalist and footy and music tragic Rohan Connolly. We talk music and footy with a little bit of footy and music thrown in for good measure.

Rohan also shares with me some massively tasty songs from The Church, Rage Against the Machine & The Saints. Enjoy!


Bob chats via landline to his guest Rohan Connolly, journalist and football and music tragic. Do you like AFL and rock and roll? Then you will probably enjoy this chat. We discuss both, with some seriously tasty cuts from The Church, Rage Against the Machine and The Saints.


Hey folks,

Episode 33 of "Good Evans, it's a Bobcast - the COVID Season" with pal Josh Pyke is now live and ready for your rabid consumption! To join the illustrious company of those you've had their mail read out, email me at goodevansbobcast@gmail.com Enjoy!


A month later and as lock down restrictions begin to ease around Australia, Bob and Josh chat once again about transitioning out of tracksuit pants, gigs happening again and how great Legomasters is aswell as music by Billy Joel, Damon Albarn and Josh Pyke. Email Bob at goodevansbobcast@gmail.com if you would like to be part of the free content mail bag!

Happy 14th birthday "Don't You Think It's Time?"

Happy 14th birthday "Don't You Think It's Time?".

You really were a life changing surprise. I had absolutely no idea when you were born that you would become my signature tune but then I've never been good at picking these things. I've played you at every single show I've done since 2006 and I've never gotten sick of it, not once, which is I hear a rare gift. I owe you one.


Neil Young's Live Rust - 40th Anniversary Concert Rescheduled!

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