Hey friends, I'm super excited to be playing at Queenscliff Music Festival this November! It's local to the area I now happily call home so it feels great to be welcomed in to the family. Snap up yer tickets here before she sells out! Cheers, XXXBOBXXX


Hey friends, I've been invited to sing some Beatles songs from their first five albums in some of Australia's most beautiful and iconic venues this September! Tickets are on sale now here XXXBOBXXX


Hey folks, Car Boot Sale is 1 year old today! I'm so proud of this record I made with my friend Tony Buchen, who did a beautiful job both producing it and also playing many instruments on it too. I had a real desire to make an almost baroque kind of acoustic album and return a little to the sounds and idea's I was working towards on my early albums. I also wanted to make an album of songs that were easier to replicate live than the ones on Familiar Stranger were. The front cover was shot in my garage and it's pretty much all my own junk in the picture except for the car. I had so much trouble finding the perfect car. It was down to the day before the shoot was scheduled that I finally found one. It wasn't even licensed to drive and was sitting in a garage. I learned that it was owned by the guy who ran the local chicken shop and luckily he was keen to help me and we managed to get the car to my house for the shoot. Thanks to everyone who has bought it. I hope it's given you as much joy as it's given me. CHEERS! XXXBOBXXX

Thank You!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has come to see me play on the Lonesome Highway over the last couple of months. The tour was such a joy and also a great success which means the world to me given that Car Boot Sale has been out for nearly a year now. Thank you also to all the brilliant young women who shared the stage with me around the country. Now that the tour has come to an end, I’m going to take some time to start work on the next record… Pic by Kerrie Geier CHEERS! XXXBOBXXX

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