image description Hey folks!

My podcast, Good Evans, it's a Bobcast! has been pretty irregular for the last couple of years but that's all set to change!

As I have new music coming out soon, I'm aiming to make a new episode every fortnight, starting today with Episode 38.
My guest for this one is wheelchair racing, Australian icon and all round top bloke Kurt Fearnley!
Kurt is a remarkable human being who has led such a huge life, which we chat about a little, as well as the current state of the world and of course the music that has had a profound impact on him.



*Bob chats with champion wheel chair racing and Australian sporting icon Kurt Fearnley about the year of Coronavirus, what it is to be an Australian, growing up in a tiny country town and finding his way to the top of the world as well as music by John Williamson, Jebediah(!) & Paul Kelly.

You can email me at goodevansbobcast@gmail.com*

BOB EVANS cover series #2 - Solitary Man, Neil Diamond

Hey folks,

It's time for another strum through an influential cover song in the lead up to me actually releasing new music of my own.

This one's a great old tune by Neil Diamond although I must confess, it was the far less jaunty version by Johnny Cash that really caught my ear.
So hoist up the roller door and step inside my garage for a little ""Solitary Man""...



The winner of the merch giveaway has just been contacted! Thanks so much to everyone who entered.
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BOB EVANS cover series #1 - Manic Monday, The Bangles

Hey folks!

I'm going to be sharing new music of my own with you all very soon but in the meantime, would you like to hear some covers of songs that have influenced the new record in some way? Here's a little rendition of a song by The Bangles I remember loving when I was a kid and rediscovered again whilst I was in the studio at the start of the year. I'll get around to recording some more over the coming weeks but hope you enjoy this first one live from my garage.



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