DELIVERED Live Streaming Festival Saturday April 4th

Heya folks,

I have some exciting news amongst all the crud!

I will be performing a live streamed show on the interwebs and you're invited! It's happening THIS SATURDAY APRIL 4TH from 5pm!!!!



Can't wait to play some songs for ya, old & new!!!


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The Australian music industry is sending out an SOS

Hey there folks,

The Australian music industry is sending out an SOS and appealing to all music fans out there to donate whatever they are able to toward Support Act, the organisation who provide immediate support to artists, crew and all members of the industry during times of hardship. They have already been a life saving resource to so many of my brothers and sisters but right now their services will be needed by so many more than at any time before...they will be inundated.

It's true what has been said of late, that the music industry and it's artists are often the first to respond to major crises with fundraising events that have contributed many millions of $$$ over the years.

Please visit the website here for all the details.

Thanks for reading & take care everyone!


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Heya folks,

It's a brand new COVID 19 special edition of my podcast! Myself and special guest Josh Pyke catch up on all the crazy crap that's been going down lately and how we are dealing.

Shoot me an email at if you have any questions or suggestions about the podcast going forward in these weird and scary times.

Good luck out there everybody.


Bob & Josh get together and wade their way through the murky swamp of the COVID 19 pandemic from a live performance point of view.  Obviously they are not experts on the science or politics.  Music by The Beatles, Al Green & Radiohead.  Shoot Bob an email at with any questions you have or ideas about how you would like to hear this podcast continue.

An Update from Lockdown

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Hey there folks,

Where to start? I want to update you with where I'm at without it turning in to a pity parade cos believe me, I know there are A LOT of people who are really worried right now, who have lost work, who are immunocompromised, who are wondering how the hell they are going to make their way through all of this.

On March 2nd I went in to the studio to start recording my 6th album with Steven Schram at the helm and my band, laying down the new songs live, minimal over dubs. It sounded different and rockin' and exciting. The outside world appeared to still be relatively normal and contained. Two weeks later, when I walked out having finished tracking the album, all my live work was cancelled or postponed and now the album has been put on ice until things start to turn around....and I know things will turn around and I know this album is going to be fucking great and I know all of this will be worth it in the long run but after completing my record deal with EMI I was excited to be a self funded independent artist for the first time in a long time. So yes, I am vulnerable, just like so many millions of people are. Still I am one of the lucky ones, I have a roof over my head and a wife and kids to cuddle when things get iffy. That's the wife and kids I'm cuddling by the way, not the roof.

Anyway, I've been curating a Spotify playlist that I invite you to listen to and enjoy during what may be some time of working from home, home schooling and self isolating for many of us. It's a collection of songs that I had been drawing inspiration from whilst writing and demoing my new album. I have thrown some of my own songs in there for good measure.

I don't expect charity from anyone as I know so many of you are hurting worse than I am, however some people have genuinely asked me what they can do and for that reason only, all I can offer as suggestion is to stream my music or shop here

But more than that, just know that I appreciate you even for thinking of me at this time when you've got your own shit to deal with. I have always thought the music community was a special, caring, inclusive place, it's what got me hooked as a teenager, it was where I found my people 25 years ago. I know that this little community will look out for one another through the hard times and come back celebrating harder when we reach the other side.

Take care of each other. Check in with your parents and elderly neighbours. Wash yer two hands like they are long lost lovers.

Let kindness and generosity be our guiding principles in the face of fear of the unknown and please feel free to message me privately if you need to unload or just wanna know the chords to "Ode to my Car". I'll do my best to help ya.



The Music Industry Is Sending Out an SOS 

#SoundOfSilenceau is an awesome national campaign initiative asking music fans to donate to Support Act – an Australian music charity that provides crisis relief services to artists, crew and workers.

Together, we can help support those who are suffering a severe loss of income that has come with widespread cancellations of festivals, concerts, shows, and local gigs.

If you love music and want to keep hearing it, if you can help these beautiful peeps to keep their livelihood, head here to find out how you can support and donate today.

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Neil Young's Live Rust - 40th Anniversary Concert!

Hey there folks,

It is with great excitement and utter terror that I bring to you the news that I will be joining a cast of many to perform classics from the incredible songbook of the one and only Neil Young for Neil Young's Live Rust - 40th Anniversary Concert

Two sets covering career spanning gems and the album Live Rust in full!

MAY 7 - State Theatre Sydney

MAY 9 - Palais Theatre Melbourne

These are going to be incredibly special shows.

Pre sale tickets available now.

SYDNEY - tickets available here

MELBOURNE - tickets available here

All the show info is here



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Recovery Bushfire Fundraiser

Feb 5th at the Spotted Mallard Melbourne folks. Re live your childhood Saturday mornings and help raise money for a good cause! Plus I’ll be there too!

tickets available here

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Georgia Mooney's Supergroup feat. Bob Evans

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Very excited to be a part of Georgia Mooney's Supergroup at the Giant Dwarf Theatre in Sydney on November 24th.

SUPERGROUP brings together four Australian songwriters from different musical and cultural backgrounds and puts them together on one stage. Backed by an incredible house band (comprising Sydney’s best session players and surprise special guests), each artist plays two songs in collaboration with the other artists on stage. Hence the one-off SUPERGROUP is formed!

Get your tix here:

Live at Riverboats Festival 16th Feb 2020

Hey folks,

I'll be Bobbing back up for this one in February 2020, playing in three piece mode before disappearing again to continue work on album number 6. Yes, I know I said I would disappear for a while but when the mighty Murray calls your name, you must go to her.

Riverboats Music Festival Echuca-Moama 14-16 FEB 2020


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Into The Night tour heading to WA this weekend!

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Hey folks,

Massive thank you to everyone out there who braved the snow and wind and rain to come and see me play in Canberra and Sydney over the weekend! Both shows were a stack of fun, I hope you all enjoyed them. I would also like to thank Virgin for sending my pedal case back to Canberra after landing in Sydney, rendering me without a tuner, leads and harmonicas! Fortunately a mad dash to Josh Pyke’s house saved the day and I was able to cobble together what I needed to be able to play the show the way I intended it to be performed! Sydney was however the first time I have used my mobile phone tuner app on stage.

This weekend I’m heading over to old home state Western Australia with shows on Friday night at the Indian Ocean Hotel in Scarborough and Saturday night at The Aardvark, (which is the basement of the Norfolk Hotel) in Fremantle. Ruby Gill will be accompanying me on both shows plus there will also be two opening acts, Josiah Bloor in Scarborough and Timothy Nelson in Freo. Tickets to both shows are available here.

See you there!



“Into the Night” solo tour starts in a little over ONE WEEK!!

Hey folks,

So I woke up this morning and it suddenly dawned on me…my “Into the Night” solo tour starts in a little over ONE WEEK! That means I have only a matter of days to work out what new songs I’m going to have a go at. So I headed down to the garage and started practicing. Here’s a little snippet.

Tickets to most shows are still available, although Sydney has sold out. The amazing Ruby Gill will be joining me at all shows, (except Sydney) and I have also recently announced a bunch of openers for particular shows.

In Perth at the Indian Ocean Hotel the night will kick off with Josiah Bloor. At the Sound Lounge on the Gold Coast we will be joined by Kelsey Berrington. In Tasmania at both the Forth Pub and Republic Bar in Hobart we shall be joined by Daniel J Townsend.

It’s going to be a wonderful tour, I can’t wait to see you all there! Grab your ticket now here


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Into The Night Tour - Camelot Lounge show SOLD OUT!!!

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Hey folks,

Massive thank you to all the good people in Sydney who grabbed tickets to my Into The Night Tour nice and early. My show at Camelot Lounge Marrickville is now SOLD OUT!

Tickets to all other shows, including a recently announced second Adelaide show, are still available now here

The tour kicks off in just THREE WEEKS in Canberra before visiting WA, QLD, VIC, SA and finishing up with shows in Tasmania in September, my first solo shows there since 2013!

Some extra supports have also been announced recently. Ruby Gill will be playing all dates except for Sydney. Joining us both at Soundlounge on the Gold Coast on August 23rd will be Kelsey Berrington and in WA at the Indian Ocean Hotel on August 16th will be Josiah Bloor

I'll be playing all the hits and misses as well as road testing some new songs before I disappear for a little while.

I cannot wait to play for ya!


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Hey folks,

I would like to say a huge thank you to the good people of Adelaide for selling out my show at the Grace Emily on Saturday August 31st a whole two months in advance! Given such a warm response I have decided to play a second show at the Grace Emily the following night on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 1st. Tickets to the new show are available right now!

All other shows on my Into The Night tour are moving, with some dates also looking like they will sell out. With no extra shows being added, if you are planning on coming along please be sure to pre book your tickets in advance here

I can’t wait to see you through August and September!


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