Heya folks, as a final parting gift from me to you for 2017 I present to thee Episode 25 of the Bobcast, a special festive edition recorded with my good pal Josh Pyke, just in time for your holiday travels! In this episode we talked about our favourite Xmas songs among other things. Enjoy! XXXBOBXXX


Episode 24 of my podcast is now live with my special guest Sarah McLeod of The Superjesus. We drank beer and talked about intra band relationships, hypnotising chickens and Alby Mangels plus Sarah chose some tasty old school songs to chat about too. To listen to these songs in full and all the other songs ever spoken about on the podcast over the last 18 months you can check out the soundtrack on Spotify

Avagoodweekend XXXBOBXXX


Just in time for the weekend, episode 23 of Good Evans, it's a Bobcast is now live! In this very special episode, I sit down with Josh Pyke for an in depth analysis of next weeks ARIA awards. We look at every nominee in every category, giving you the kind of inside knowledge that only two such industry veterans such as ourselves can provide. From Dance to Heavy Metal, Pop to Country, it doesn't matter how far away we delve from our very limited knowledge base, we're not afraid to manufacture some kind of opinion on pretty much anything. Enjoy! XXXBOBXXX


Hey folks, Episode 22 of the Bobcast with my very special guest Carly Findlay is now available for your aural pleasure! Oh and big thanks to everyone in Coffs Harbour who came out to see me play on Friday night. I had a splendid time! CHEERS! XXXBOBXXX


Hey folks, "Good Evans, it's a Bobcast!" is back! Episode 21 with guest Wes Carr is now live. Please feel free to subscribe or leave a comment on iTunes if you feel so inclined plus you can check out the Spotify soundtrack here Cheers! XXXBOBXXX


Hey folks, Episode 20 of "Good Evans, it's a Bobcast!" is now go. My guest is ABC broadcaster Robbie Buck. We got together on May 4th so there is some Star Wars talk aswell as some parenting talk and some Triple J talk. Oh yeah and we talk a bit about music too. Enjoy! XXXBOBXXX

Podcast Epsiode #18 - Kram

Episode 18 of "Good Evans, its a Bobcast!" stars my dear friend Kram of Spiderbait fame and is available now for free for your aural pleasure. We drank beer on St Patrick's day and talked for a while...we had so much fun...I hope you enjoy listening... XXXBOBXXX


Hey folks! After a little break my podcast "Good Evans, it's a Bobcast!" is BACK! I'm so excited to have as my guest for Episode 16 the wonderful Julia Zemiro. She is the best. Enjoy! XXXBOBXXX

Podcast Episode #15 - Simon Day

Episode 15 of "Good Evans, it's a Bobcast!", with special guest Simon Day from Ratcat is now live and free for your aural pleasure. XXXBOBXXX

Podcast Episode #14 - Seja Vogel

Hey folks, episode 14 of "Good Evans, it's a Bobcast!" with my guest Seja Vogel, (Sekiden, Regurgitator) is now live. We recorded this episode straight after recording an episode of Seja's new podcast, "Hearsej" in which I was a guest and revealed my strangest ever gig experience. I advise you listen to that one first here before listening to this in order to understand some of the references. You're reward comes at the end of this episode with a full "live" performance recording of "We Are The Life", in which I pretend to be a pop star to a Chinese television audience of some 100 million people...enjoy XXXBOBXXX

Podcast Episode #12 - Clare Bowditch

Episode 12 of "Good Evans, it's a Bobcast" with my special guest, the mecurially talented Clare Bowditch, is now live and available for your listening pleasure here CHEERS! XXXBOBXXX

Podcast Episode #11 - Luke Boerdam

Hey there friends, episode 11 of "Good Evans, it's a Bobcast!" is now live to download and listen to for free! This episode my special guest is Violent Soho singer/guitarist Luke Boerdam. We chat over the skype about music, politics and religion...so pretty much covering the basics...I hope you enjoy it! XXXBOBXXX

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