Podcast Episode #12 - Clare Bowditch

Episode 12 of "Good Evans, it's a Bobcast" with my special guest, the mecurially talented Clare Bowditch, is now live and available for your listening pleasure here CHEERS! XXXBOBXXX


Once again the festive season is fast approaching which means I feel like getting carried away with Xmas cheer and playing some shows to celebrate the season of giving. In years past I have played Xmas shows in NSW and more recently a Xmas themed residency at the Northcote Social Club in Melbourne. This year, I have decided to do something a little bit different and play house concerts from the 17th-23rd December throughout Victoria! Yes that's right, at your invitation I will come in to your lounge room or backyard and play an intimate Xmas themed show for you and your family and friends!

For more information on hosting a Bob Evans house concert APPLY HERE!

Podcast Episode #11 - Luke Boerdam

Hey there friends, episode 11 of "Good Evans, it's a Bobcast!" is now live to download and listen to for free! This episode my special guest is Violent Soho singer/guitarist Luke Boerdam. We chat over the skype about music, politics and religion...so pretty much covering the basics...I hope you enjoy it! XXXBOBXXX


Car Boot Sale was nominated for an ARIA award today. I used to try not to care too much about these kinds of things but in my old age I've learned to appreciate the small victories when they happen...so...cheers to us. XXXBOBXXX

Podcast Episode #10 - Laura Imbruglia

Heya friends, episode 10 of "Good Evans, it's a Bobcast!" is now up and it stars my mate Laura Imbruglia. Here's a 10 year old photo of our faces mashed together for your enjoyment. We chatted via skype and there is a bit of a hiss at the start of our conversation but we correct this small audio glitch after about 3 minutes so please persevere and be rewarded with our sparkling banter. Be sure to also check out Laura's web series Amateur Hour. Here's the link for the Bobcast and here's a link to the soundtrack I hope you enjoy! XXXBOBXXX

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