Hey folks,

Well it's that time of year again, when Xmas looms large on the horizon and we all ask ourselves, "Where did the year go?" and "What the hell am I gonna buy Uncle Frank?"

I imagine that for many of you, like me, the year 2020 cannot be relegated to history fast enough. It's been incredibly challenging. I hesitate to use any stronger language than that because there is always so much to be thankful for. Even though so much was taken away from me this year, such as work and travel, I still feel incredibly fortunate. I have a family and a roof over my head. I have enjoyed many long walks along the beach and now have a much better understanding of the grade 1 and 3 Victorian primary school curriculums. I have rediscovered comfortable clothing and comfort eating. I also made an album that I am really proud of and excited for everyone to hear. The first single, "Born Yesterday", has been given such a warm reception, I have been really blown away. So I thank all of you for helping make this year end on a real high for me.

Anyways, what was the purpose of this message again? Oh yeah, that's right....Christmas. Well, you know, if any of you are a bit stuck for stocking stuffers this year, you could do worse things with your time than have a little squiz around my online store. I'm told there will be Xmas specials galore!

Also don't forget - my new single "Born Yesterday" is OUT NOW! You can buy it and stream it from HERE

AND there are still a few tickets left for my show this Saturday at The Pelican Bar - head here to nab one

Cheers all!


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