Happy New Year folks!

I'm back from a little social media break over Xmas and New Years with a brand new episode of my podcast, "Good Evans, it's a Bobcast!".

I spent yesterday filming a new clip for a forthcoming new tune at the Bridge Hotel in Castlemaine, Victoria, (a wonderful little watering hole I urge you to visit) and decided between takes to chat with my band mates. So on episode 43 you will hear from Ashley Naylor, James Fleming, Richard Bradbeer & Lachlan O'Kane, backstage at the Bridge Hotel with, at times, the sound of a video clip going on in the background. This was a really enjoyable chat with some good friends. I hope you enjoy it!


Allow Bob to introduce you to his band mates! Whilst filming a new video clip at the Bridge Hotel in Castlemaine, Victoria, Bob has chats with his band mates, guitarist Ash Naylor, keyboardist James Fleming, bassist Richard Bradbeer and drummer Lachlan O'Kane about their musical loves and evryting else! Enjoy music by The Sweet, John Farnham, Lou Reed & Phil Collins.

email - goodevansbobcast@gmail.com

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