As many of you may already know from following me, this album has quite a backstory. The earliest songs date back to 2018, at a time when I had released a 'Best Of' type record and come to the end of my contract with EMI. I was determined to use this as inspiration to wipe the slate clean and start again, and began to write songs that had a different mood to the stuff I had been doing previously. As I entered my 40's and the dawn of this thing called middle age began to appear in front of me, I felt compelled to express everything that I was feeling about the decades that lay in my rearview mirror and the uncertain future into which I was walking.

It quickly became clear to me that these songs needed to be recorded live by a band and not just any band! My touring band since 2016, Ash Naylor on guitar, Richard Bradbeer on bass, Lachy O'Kane on drums and James Fleming on keys were the perfect assemblage to bring these new songs to life. No more carefully crafting an album over weeks, one instrument at a time - with Steven Schram behind the desk, we were gonna bang 11 songs out in 6 days! We set up in a room together and played, laughed, debated and lost ourselves inside the sound we were making. What we captured during that week in March 2020 laid the foundation of the album, over which we sprinkled some synths, some brass sections, a glorious sax solo, some guest singers and me. 'Tomorrowland' was born!

As we were winding up in the studio the world quite suddenly changed. COVID19 came crashing into the room with the subtlety of a spade to the face, wiping out every bit of live performance for the foreseeable future and forcing us into prolonged lockdowns. I drove home from the studio having just spent a healthy sum of my own money, independently creating this new album with no idea how my family and I were going to pay our bills. Slowly as the year wore on, ways and means were discovered and the album was mixed and mastered, the art work was put together and a video clip was made, all without me ever being in the same room as the person I was working with. Now, it is April 2021, more than a year after we entered the studio and 'Tomorrowland' finally leaves my hands. It's not mine anymore, it's over to you now. I hope you dig it.



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